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Oman, a nation on the Arabian Peninsula, has terrain encompassing desert, riverbed oases and long coastlines on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. Wahiba Sands is a region of dunes inhabited by Bedouins. The port capital, Muscat, is home to the massive, contemporary Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, and the old waterfront Muttrah quarter, with a labyrinthine souk and busy fish market.
Currency: Omani rial
Population: 4.732 million (2016)
Emergency Numbers:
Police Emergency: 9999
Water Emergency: 153
Electricity Emergency: 154
Police Stations

Muscat Governorate Police Headquarters phone: 24560021

Muscat Police Station: 24736611

Wattayah Police Station: 24677534

Ruwi Police Station: 24701099

Mutrah Police Station: 24712211

Bausher Police Station: 24600099

Al Amerat Police Station: 24875999

Qurayat Police Station: 24845555

 Hospitals & Clinics

A’ Nahdha Hospital: 24837800

A’ Seeb Health Centre: 24450494

A’ Rahmah Hospital: 24815132

Adam Hospital: 25434355

Al Amrat Health Centre: 24876512

Al Buraimi Hospital: 25652319

Al Khaburah Health Centre: 26805055

Al Mazara Health Centre: 24842002

Armed Forces Hospital: 24617997

Badiya Hospital: 25583534

Bahla Hospital: 25419233

Barka Health Centre: 26882055

Bousher Health Complex: 24593311

Bukha Hospital: 26828562

Dagmar Health Centre: 24849033

Diba Hospital: 26836443

Eyty Health Centre: 24886007

Hail Al Gaf Health Centre: 24845340

Ibn Sina Hospital: 24577361

Ibra Hospital: 25571709

Ibri Hospital: 25691990

Izki Hospital: 25340042

Khasab Hospital: 26830187

Khoula Hospital: 24563625

Masirah Hospital: 25504363

Muscat Health Centre: 24738036

Mussanah Health Centre: 26860055

New Al Khoud Health Centre: 24537443

Nizwa Hospital: 25449361

Old Al Khoud Health Centre: 24513923

Quriyat Hospital: 24645003

Royal Hospital: 24590491

Rustaq Hospital: 26877186

Saham Hospital: 26840399

Sinaw Hospital: 25524338

Sohar Hospital: 26840399

Sultan Qaboos Hospital (Salalah): 23211151

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital: 24513355

Sumail Hospital: 25350055

Sur Hospital: 25540190

Tanam Hospital: 25699033

Umm Al Ghawrif Hospital: 23265000

Yanqul Health Centre: 25668033

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